Rose Byrne
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Man: So what can you say about Brad Pitt?
Rose: I don't know... I guess.... he's a nice person and a GOOD kisser!

"He is a bit of a Casanova really. He's very polite, he's very gentlemanly and he's not a leer or anything like that, but he's definitely got a twinkle in his eye."

"The worst was the time I spent in Los Angeles, which runs on bullshit and cliches. But then, it's really easy to diss the place. The physical environment of LA is really beautiful. It's actually kinda fun, too, if you're working. It's just not really fun if you're not working and you don't know anybody."

Rose on her role in Star Wars Episode 2: "That was easy, I just stood by Natalie Portman looking very serious."



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